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Winner of more CableAce awards for excellence in cable programming than any other basic cable network for programs like Biography, Ancient Mysteries, and 20th Century. A&E provides a direct line to hard to reach affluent male and female demos.

Animal Planet

Animal Planet brings viewers face-to-face with the most fascinating creatures on earth through nonstop entertainment for animal lovers of all ages. Amazing real-world dramas, world-class documentaries, pampering pet care, and cool kid's shows that viewers can't get enough of.


The nation's first and only cable television network providing a platform for quality programming highlighting African American culture. BET represents the best in entertainment, music video, news, public affairs, jazz, gospel, and college sports.


The Cartoon Network is the first and only 24 hour all-animated network. It offers the vast audience of cartoon lovers young and old the best cartoons ever made. The network has the world's largest cartoon library - and it keeps getting bigger through the constant pursuit of more animation and the simultaneous development of new and innovative original programs.


The network of record for breaking national and international news as well as financial, sports, fashion, medical, and lifestyle programming. CNN is where network viewers turn to find the most comprehensive, up to date information about the state of their world.

Court TV

By providing viewers with a front row seat to the nations most interesting trials, Court TV has established itself as the brand name in legal information. The network's dedication to covering the courtroom process from the opening statements to the verdict has enabled Court TV to educate millions of people about the reality of the American justice system.

Comedy Central

The only all comedy network! Comedy Central has lifted comedy programming to a higher level with it's new lineup of breakthrough original hits and ground breaking acquired shows. Programs such as South Park and Win Ben Stein's Money are earning record breaking ratings. By providing an innovative and irreverent perspective on politics, entertainment and sports, Comedy Central appeals to an affluent, educated, and highly concentrated adult audience.


CNBC is regarded as a global leader in reporting financial news, stock market action and emerging business trends. During the day, CNBC delivers highlights of the world's business day, live as they happen. At night CNBC delivers a lineup of major talk show talent including Geraldo Rivera, Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, and Brian Williams. If it happens in business, viewers can see it on CNBC.

The Discovery Channel

The only network devoted exclusively to providing high-quality nonfiction entertainment. Discovery draws viewers into a living connection with a vibrant, diverse, and intriguing world, while drawing among the highest concentration of men among all cable networks.

E! Entertainment Television

E! Entertainment Television is the only 24 hour dual feed network devoted entirely to celebrities, entertainment and pop culture. E! features daily entertainment news gossip, fashion, variety programming and specials. E! goes behind the scenes to show the making of movies, television shows, Broadway hits and musical events. With shows like Howard Stern, Talk Soup, and Celebrity Profile, E! attracts the hard to reach, upscale young adult viewer all day, every day.


Americas largest cable network, offering the widest and most diverse schedule of sports programming available. Programming includes Sunday Night NFL, Major League Baseball, Indy Car, March Madness, Sportscenter and more.


ESPN2, is a differentiated 24-hour sports network that features more than 3,800 hours a year of live and/or original sports programming targeting young and light to moderate sports viewers, yet appeals to all sports fans.

Fox Family Channel

Fox Family Channel is the contemporary family cable network for the new millennium. Fox Family Channel targets children during the day with an array of animations and live-action fare in branded blocks and young adults in prime time with original series, comedies, movies and specials.

Fox News Channel

The Fox News Channel is a 24-hour general news service devoted to delivering fair and balanced coverage of the day's events. Weekdays FNC offers 17 hours of live programming, including one-hour programs in the evenings that take an in-depth look at the day's events and features newsmaker interviews. Backed by the global resources of the News Corporation, the Fox News Channel provides viewers with live news updates, every 30 minutes.


FX features marquee sports events, produced by FOX Sports, distinctive original programming, hit series like The X-Files and NYPD Blue, and top films from Twentieth Century Fox, as well as other major studios. FX has a broad-based demographic appeal, with strong success with Adults 18-49.


The most highly distributed Hispanic cable network in the U.S., Galavision provides viewers with programming for the entire family: Top rated Novelas, soccer, baseball, news, movies, videos, variety, and specials.

History Channel

"The Official Channel of Every Millenium", The History Channel is devoted to fulfilling America's passion for history by providing the whole family with a comprehensive and engaging look at history throughout the ages. The History Channel offers original documentaries, epic movies and mini-series, and delivers on it's promise of bringing the past to life.

Home & Garden Television

Home and Garden Televisions is the only cable network with programming devoted exclusively to everything you love about home. Designed to appeal to all ages and lifestyles, HGTV features 24 hours of high-quality programs to appeal to many diverse audiences who share a common love of their home and its surroundings. Viewers get helpful and informative tips on everything from building a porch and growing roses to remodeling the kitchen or planning a party.

Headline News

Headline News is the perfect information source for the way we live our hectic lives. Every 30 minutes, Headline News delivers a concise, fast-paced newscast that lets people catch up to the world on their own schedule. It's the ideal format for people on the go, busy professionals, and the people hard to catch with tradtional media.

The Learning Channel

The Learning Channel features world class entertainment on real history, science, true-life adventures, lifestyles and how-to programming.


For more than a decade, Lifetime TV has enriched the lives of women with programming ranging from award-winning original movies and exclusive entertainment specials to acclaimed comedy, drama and information series. Delivers the highest, most desirable female demographics of women 18 - 49 consistently throughout all day parts with the addition of working women during prime time. Public outreach marketing campaigns and numerous added value sponsorship opportunities make Lifetime an excellent choice for advertisers.

MSG Network

The very best in New York sports. Knicks Basketball, Rangers Hockey, Yankees Baseball, MSG Sportsdesk, Jets and Giants Football reports as well as golf, soccer, wrestling, and College Basketball.


MSNBC is a unique 24 hour cable and Internet news service that combines the broadcast journalism expertise of NBC News with Microsoft's breakthrough technology to deliver the news viewers want, when they want it and how they want it.


Video, Music, and More. Where teens and young adults continually turn to find a high energy mix of music videos, concerts, news, specials, and regularly scheduled feature programming, including sports, fashion, entertainment, comedy and concert specials. MTV is where you'll find those hard to reach 12-34 year old big spenders ($700 billion annually). MTV is programmed in a unique style to reflect how they feel, how they talk, and how they live. MTV puts advertisers in the right environment to fit their target.

Nick At Night

Nick at Night is home to classic TV you can trust. The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, and The Wonder Years are programs filled with great stories and memorable characters. Nick at Night's safe, wholesome environment is the place where kids and adults come together to watch good, classic TV. Nick at night has the highest family viewership in all of cable.


Nickelodeon's mission is to connect with kids and help kids connect with their world through entertainment. Nick knows kids deserve as rich and varied a menu of TV viewing options as adults, so as the #1 network for kids, it offers everything from game shows and comedies to award winning animated programs, like Rugrats, consistently one of the highest rated shows on cable.

Sci-fi Channel

Sci-Fi takes television to the edge with science fiction, fantasy, classic horror, classic sci-fi tv like the original Star Trek, and reality based programming. The Sci-Fi viewer is a loyal viewer, actively and emotionally involved with the programming, and is receptive to new products and innovations.

TBS Superstation

TBS offers broad based family oriented programming including movies, professional sports, special events programming, classic and contemporary comedies, children's shows and award winning documentaries. TBS is the most watched network on cable by viewers of all ages.


TNT continually delivers popular programming for viewers of all ages. Offering a wide variety of programming including TNT Original Movies, Prime Time NBA coverage, popular series programming like ER, and a strong kid's lineup. TNT's wide range of programming lets advertisers target and reach a demographically desirable audience across all dayparts.

Travel Channel

The Travel Channel is the best source for travel ideas in and in depth programming about the people, places, and cultures of our world. The Travel Channel has an aggressive commitment to acquire and produce the very best in original adventure and travel programming designed to attract an upscale audience that can and will frequent advertiser businesses.

TV Food Network

Food Network is a lifestyle for anyone who likes to eat and entertain. TVFN invites viewers "into the kitchen and beyond" for a look at food as entertainment and as daily lifestyle. TVFN serves up the latest cooking and food trends, takes a closer look at food and cuisine from around the world, explores the ritual of dining out and offers the latest in wine, spirits and brewing. Food network features unique cooking game shows like Ready, Set, Cook and the incredibly popular Emeril Live!.

The Nashville Network

The Nashville network is the number one source for country music entertainment and country lifestyle entertainment programming, offering original concert and variety series, entertainment news, interviews with top country artists, as well as motorsports, rodeo, and outdoor programming.

Nick at Nite's TV Land

Nick at Night's TV Land is the first 24 hour network of favorites inspired by the home of classic TV, Nick at Nite. TV land brings you the most popular series in television including classic drama, westerns, sitcoms and variety shows from the 50's through the 80's.

USA Network

USA is the top-rated basic cable originated network featuring quality programming for every member of the family. USA's lineup is a popular blend of original series, USA Pictures original movies, exclusive suspense and dramatic series, high-profile sports, and animated children's programming.


VH-1 is the network active, upscale adults turn to to keep connected to the music and music information they love. With music videos and exciting series featuring the best music and most popular artists from yesterday, today and tomorrow, VH-1 delivers the adult consumer advertisers love to reach.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel delivers unparalleled live coverage of weather 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Weather Channel is the premiers source for local, regional, national, and international weather

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